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About Valves

Valve Balls / Valve Spheres Use Attention

  1. Before use, water should be used to clean the pipeline and the flow part of the valve body to prevent residual iron filings and other debris from entering the valve body cavity.

  2. When the valve ball is in the closed position, there is still some medium remaining in the valve body, and it is also under certain pressure. Before overhauling the ball valve, first close the shut-off valve in front of the ball valve, open the ball valve that needs to be overhauled, and completely release the internal pressure of the valve body. If it is an electric ball valve or a pneumatic ball valve, the power and air supply should be disconnected first.

  3. Generally, soft-sealed valve spheres use PTFE as the sealing material, and the sealing surface of metal-sealed valve spheres is made of metal surfacing. If you need to clean the sphere of the pipeline valve, you need to be careful to prevent damage to the sealing ring and leakage when disassembling.

  4. When disassembling the flange valve ball, the bolts and nuts on the flange should be fixed first, then all the nuts should be tightened slightly, and finally fixed firmly. If the individual nuts are forcibly fixed first, and then the other nuts are fixed, the cushion surface will be damaged or ruptured due to uneven lining between the flange surfaces, resulting in leakage of the medium out of the valve ball flange.

  5. If the valve ball is cleaned, the solvent used must not conflict with the parts to be cleaned and not corrode. If it is a special valve ball for gas, it can be cleaned with gasoline. Other parts can generally be cleaned with middle water. When cleaning, thoroughly clean the remaining dust, oil and other attachments. If it can't be cleaned with clean water, it can be cleaned with alcohol and other cleaning agents on the premise of not damaging the valve body and parts. After cleaning, wait for the cleaning agent to evaporate thoroughly before proceeding with assembly.

  6. If there is a slight leakage at the packing during use, the stem nut can be tightened slightly until the leakage stops, and no further tightening is allowed.

  7. Long-time storage in the open air will cause the valve ball body and parts rusting and cannot be used normally. The valve ball should be protected from rain, water, and moisture when stored, and the flange cover should be tightly closed. Valve spheres stored for more than 12 months should be re-tested during use to ensure stable performance.



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