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Thermal Spraying

Thermal spray is a cost-effective method for applying coatings that enhance surface properties.Thermal Spray coating involves the use of a torch to heat a material, in powder or wire form, to a molten or near-molten state, and the use of a gas to propel the material to the target substrate, creating a completely new surface.  The coating material may be a single element,composite, ceramic, carbide, alloy or compound with unique physical properties that are, in most cases, achievable only through the thermal spray process,Thermal spray is a family of processes, with each member of the process family providing unique opportunities for engineered surfaces.

The atmospheric plasma 

The atmospheric plasma spray process is used for wear and corrosion protection, thermal insulation, repair, restoration and further surface functions. As it is the most flexible of all thermal spray processes, coatings can be applied at high deposition rates onto different metallic substrates by using the widest variety of powder feedstock materials composed of metals, alloys, carbides, ceramics and others. As such, atmospheric plasma spray is often used to apply coatings for thermal protection, wear resistance, corrosion control, dimensional control and restoration and much, much more.

The High Velocity Oxygen Fuel (HVOF)

Wear- and corrosion-resistant surfaces are needed to protect critical components in various industries. The High Velocity Oxygen Fuel (HVOF) process supplies this protection by producing very dense, hard coatings with fine microstructures.

Electric arc wire spray

Electric arc wire spray offers excellent portability and flexibility for on-site coating work; however, it is popular for in-shop work, as well. It is often used for applications such as coating welded tube seams, piston rings, capacitors, varistors, boiler walls, and large infrastructures. It only requires electricity and compressed air to melt metallic alloys and pure metal wires and allows very high spray and application rates.

Combustion wire spray 

Combustion wire spray is often used to produce anti-corrosion coatings and dimensionally restore surfaces. Metal-based wires are used in-shop or on-site for coating large steel structures, such as chemical / petroleum tanks and pipelines, and for marine applications. The simple equipment requirements make it a popular choice for everything from on-site work to high-volume production in-shop.



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