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QM380 Running in Praxair Surface Technologies in TX USA


Praxair Surface Techonoloies is a wholly owned subsidiary of Linde plc, the largest industrial gas company in the world. With their extensive offering of gases, products and services. Praxair (NYSE: PX) is a leading global industrial gas company and the largest industrial gas supplier in North and South America, providing atmospheric, process, specialty Gases, high performance surface coatings and related services and technologies.

The name Praxair has been in use since 1992, and it is derived from the Greek word "Praxis", which means "practical application," and "Air", which refers to the main raw material for the company's products. The company was originally founded in 1907 and was the first to commercialize cryogenically separated oxygen.

Praxair serves food and beverage, healthcare, chemical, steel and metal manufacturing, non-ferrous metal smelting, electronics, energy, aerospace and other industrial fields by manufacturing, selling, and distributing high value-added industrial gases, and to customers Bringing increased productivity and effective environmental benefits.

Caminix couldn't be prouder to offer our CNC Ball valve grinding machine model number QM380 to Praxair . 

The QM380 CNC ball valve grinding machine is used for precise grinding of spheres from inner diameter of 2''-8'' with stainless steel, carbon steel ,alloy steel, and ceramic balls, as well as the surface treatment of nickel plating, ENP, Ni60. Tungsten Carbide etc. 

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