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Portable Valve Grinding Machine for Gate Valve, Globe Valve

Portable  Valve Grinding Machine 

       The Caminix portable valve grinding machines are a patented design grinder that is a proven solution for on-site industrial valve reconditioning and maintenance.Repairing leaking valves in industrial pipelines is a laborious operation that involves extended downtime, production losses and substantial unwanted costs. Losses are minimized if the valves can be reground in situ, precluding the need to dismantle and remove defective valves from the pipeline. Available in overlapping sizes, these grinders combine unsurpassed versatility with exceptional ease of handling and operation. A combination guaranteed to give these grinders cutting edge performance, whatever the valve location.

        These valve grinding machines have unique, lightweight which allows rapid and accurate mounting for grinding valve seats or wedges. Operating checks and replacement of abrasive discs can be carried out without disturbing the assembly.

you can quickly change grinding disks and adjust the grind pressure,Solid construction, sealed lubrication and pre-loaded bearings ensure long life and low maintenance.


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