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Caminix Ball Valve Grinding & Turning Machines

Caminix provides the production of CNC ball valve grinding machine, ball valve turning machine, CNC machining center for precision manufacturing in the valve industry. Caminix dedicated in continuously developing the machines enable the valve manufacturer to create and build the highest performing valves in the industry to the worldwide market. From idea to design to production, Caminix has providing more than hundreds of CNC ball valve grinding machines to the ball valve manufacturer both in China domestic market and international market. The CNC ball valve grinding machine is designed to grind and polish the balls used in the different types of ball valves with sizes from 1/2''-60''and class rating up to 2500 # Class.

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Typical Applications for the CNC ball valve grinding machines & Turning Machines

1.       Fugitive emission ball valve production

2.       Trunnion mounted ball valve production

3.       General severe services ball valve production

4.       Metal-seated ball valve production

5.       Cryogenic ball valve

6.       Floating design ball valve production

7.       Double block and bleed ball valves production

8.       Segment ball valve production

9.       Ball valve repair and maintenance workshop

10.   Ball valve components manufacturer



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